Dentist Doncaster East Tips 6 Tips For Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Easter As you prepare for Easter this year, you may be worried about of chocolate bunnies you’re putting in Easter baskets or the jellybeans you’re stuffing in plastic eggs.

Similarly, you might be concerned about holiday food – Easter brunches, family dinners, even eating junk food on road trips.

This is a reasonable fear; binging on anything sugary can make teeth and gums susceptible to bacteria, which causes tooth decay and disease.

This Easter, practice these tips from your DonEast Supreme Dental dentist to reduce the harmful effects of sweet treats and rich foods on your family’s teeth.

Food threats associated with Easter

When it comes to dental problems, Easter brings it’s all about how your diet may change. Here are three food-related substances that can lead to gum disease, cavities, and more.

  • Alcohol: Alcohol dries out your mouth, reducing saliva levels. Saliva is critical in keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Alcohol also stains your teeth.
  • Sugar: The bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities can eat anything you can, but they thrive on sugar. The sugar itself isn’t harmful, but when it is mixed with oral bacteria, it becomes a threat.
  • Acid: Many foods and drinks, like tomatoes or wine, are acidic. People enjoy the tangy flavour of acidic foods, but they can weaken and erode tooth enamel.

Six Great Tips For Easter Dental Health

Serve water with candy. Water sluices away food particles and sticky sugars that work with mouth bacteria to create decay-causing acids. Serve water with Easter candy and encourage your kids to drink it as they eat chocolate bunnies and other sweets.

Avoid sticky & hard candies. Avoid hard and sticky candies when shopping for Easter and when choosing what candies you will eat.

Hard candies remain in the mouth longer than most candies because of the sucking action required consuming them, which allows sugar to coat little teeth and promote decay. Purchase candies that water easily flushes from the mouth, such as chocolate.

Avoid snacking. One problem people have around Easter is grazing. Not only does this lead to overeating, but it also leaves teeth in contact with dangerous sugar for a far longer time.

So don’t leave Easter candy sitting out where the temptation to grab a handful might exist. This kind of snacking is not good for your teeth or your diet.

Putting Easter candy out of sight can help you forget that the candy is still there and keep it away from children if you have them.

Knowing when and how to brush your teeth while eating candy is a great way to protect your teeth from all the sweetness on Easter Sunday.

While most of us think that brushing our teeth properly is enough to keep them white and healthy, the timing is crucial as well. According to various dental care clinics, brushing your teeth before eating chocolate is helpful.

It sounds a bit odd, but it all makes sense: when teeth are clean, they have had a protective blast of fluoride and less of the bacteria that cause the damage so that it will prepare your teeth for all the chocolate and candy.

Stick to dark chocolate. Chocolate can be a good thing if taken in moderation, particularly dark chocolate with a cocoa percentage of 70% and above.

Studies show that cocoa butter can stop plaque from sticking to teeth and chocolate is rich in antioxidants and tannins – which help fight the buildup of plaque. Chocolate also contains cocoa bean husk extract, which has been demonstrated to strengthen tooth enamel.

Another approach is to mix your sweets, such as chocolate, with other, more healthy foods. Combining chocolate with other foods such as nuts or dipping strawberries in chocolate is a great way to enjoy a sweet treat while also decreasing the threat to your dental health.

Give (fun!) non-candy Easter gifts. If you don’t want to deal with the temptation of Easter candy, ask the Easter Bunny to deliver non-candy Easter gifts.

Kids love pencils, pens, bubbles, glow sticks, and gift certificates for tunes or other favourite hobbies. (We’ve listed some common favourite Easter ideas in a recent post.)

One of the most significant benefits of a non-candy Easter gift is that kids can have fun—without any risk of cavities.

And when Easter celebration is over, take the time to make an appointment with your DonEast Supreme Dental dentist – we’ll make sure that any Easter overindulgences don’t harm your dental health!

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