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Dentist Templestowe DonEast Supreme Dental Only the finest and affordable dental services in Templestowe are on offer in DonEast Supreme Dental Clinic.

Though, we understand that keeping your dental health can be a difficult, expensive, and sometimes painful process.

Along these lines, we have made it our objective to give you the best dental service in Templestowe without sacrificing any of the quality and experience that goes into each procedure.

Our clinics, which continually pursues the latest standard innovation in dental services offer quality, consistent and world standard dental services, with a continued emphasis on patient fulfilment.

Our international team of dentists and members of staffs has several years of experience in general, children, cosmetic, preventive, implantology, and therapeutic dentistry.

We’ve built a 21st-century dental clinic that offers our patients a welcoming domain, intended to give them the absolute best experience in dental treatments.

Our Comprehensive Dental Service

Our commitment to each patient is to provide an individual treatment plan that is developed to their greatest advantage. Our services include:

Dental Implants

Are you feeling unsure about your missing teeth or unstable dentures? You’re not the only one. A huge number of grown-ups have at least one tooth missing.

Dental implants are a non-natural tooth, typically made of titanium, used to help restorations that look like a tooth to replace missing teeth. Implants are the most developed method to supplant a missing tooth.

Dental implants are biocompatible, absolutely innocuous to the human teeth. This is largely due to its qualities, titanium is a perfect material for making dental implants and it rapidly establishes the prerequisites of osteointegration, the ideal connection between the dental implant and the bony tissue.

Featuring the attributes that are the nearest to regular teeth, implants offer a greatly improved chewing and speaking capacity compared to bridge and conventional prostheses and give a more characteristic and stylish appearance.

Teeth Whitening

You know that your first impression is your best impression, and frequently the first thing that people see about you is your smile. A white, splendid, brilliant smile will boost your identity and lift your self-confidence.

Teeth whitening is an exceedingly powerful approach to brighten your teeth and It’s becoming an increasingly well-known approach to address a dull smile.

Not very many individuals have splendid white teeth, though your teeth can be discoloured as a result of old age. More so, your teeth can be stained by foods and drinks, for example, tea, espresso, red wine. Smoking can likewise stain teeth.

The process of teeth whitening starts with the dentist cleaning the patients’ teeth. Next, every single delicate tissue around the teeth is protected with a barrier.

The whitening gel is then connected and activated by an uncommon light produced from the laser whitening machine. After three to four cycles, depending on the whiteness wanted, the defensive gel is expelled from the gums, and afterward, you have a whiter, more brilliant smile!

Whether your dental care is for your family, a new smile for your next meeting, braces for your kids, or dentures to eat your much-loved food, DonEast Supreme Dental dentists utilise the most up to date dental technology procedure, to make your visit increasingly comfortable for you, with long-lasting outcomes.

At DonEast Supreme Dental, we don’t settle down for a smile…. We build a total magnificent look.

Call (03) 9842 1475 or visit us at 1062 Doncaster Road in Doncaster East.

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  • Same day emergency appointments are available upon request
  • Offer payment plan such as Dentacare and Mysmileplan
  • All insurances are accepted with HICAPS. As a preferred provider for Bupa (Platinum), NIB and CBHS

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