Doncaster East Dentist Tips Top 5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas May 12th is Mother’s Day. It’s the perfect time to honour every Mom who has come through for her children.

And on Mother’s Day, every child wants to get their Mom the perfect gift, but it can be difficult, and we often fall back on clichéd gifts like flowers, chocolates, gag gifts, or wine.

This Mother’s Day, surprise your Mom and help her with her health by giving her a gift with a dental theme.

It’s a gift that is thoughtful, practical, and keeps on giving!

At DonEast Supreme Dental, we have some suggestions!

#1 A Bluetooth Toothbrush

This is the top of the line model of the electric toothbrush, which is cool enough! Electric toothbrushes offer increased plaque removal compared to regular manual toothbrushes.

Many people find electric toothbrushes more comfortable to use than manual ones.

Electric toothbrushes also come with cool features, like built-in timers to ensure that your Mom brushes for long enough and works on all parts of her mouth.

But a Bluetooth toothbrush is a step up from that. Mom can hook her brush up to her smartphone (Android or iPhone) where an app will help her improve her brushing technique.

The app also allows her to experiment with different brush settings including extra gum stimulation or enhanced whitening settings.

Finally, there’s a sensor that lights up if Mom brushes too hard, which can damage her teeth and gums.

#2 Whiten Mom’s teeth!

Everyone knows how important a great smile is, and this Mother’s Day you can give one to your Mom, by getting her teeth whitened at DonEast Supreme Dental!

For maximum convenience, efficiency, and most importantly whitening power, DonEast Supreme Dental offers Zoom! Whitening, a cutting edge tooth whitening system.

Zoom! Whitening whitens teeth up to eight shades in less than an hour. A Zoom advanced power chairside lamp is used to accelerate a bleaching process based on whitening gel.

Better yet, the process is quick and comfortable. In fact, your Mom can listen to music or watch TV while she is being treated.

Zoom! Whitening whitens your teeth like regular teeth whitening, but it also removes stains that cannot be removed by regular whitening processes.

The bleaching gel used in the process is stronger, which means it is even more effective. Your teeth can brighten up to eight shades.

And the results last longer too! Your Mom can walk in with dingy teeth, and walk out with a movie-star smile.

At DonEast Supreme Dental, we are currently offering Zoom! In-Chair Treatment at a special $590 rate.

Learn more about Zoom Whitening at DonEast Supreme Dental here

#3 Snore Guard or Mouthguard

Does your Mom snore or have trouble sleeping? Consider giving her an oral appliance.

Also called Jaw Advancing Device (JAD) or Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), these sleep apnoea oral appliances are custom-made by dentists using a plastic-like mould to form to the specific shape of the patient’s teeth and mouth.

Not only do they battle sleep apnoea, but they can also stop snoring.

Similarly, if your Mom is sporty, she probably needs a mouthguard to protect her teeth while she plays. A forceful blow to the face can loosen, knock out, or break teeth. To avoid this danger, we recommend the use of mouthguards.

Mouthguards cover the teeth and protect them from impact.

Custom-made mouthguards provide optimum protection. They are skillfully crafted by dentists, based on your unique measurements.

Custom-fitted mouthguards perfectly fit the teeth and are made of durable materials to withstand force. When worn, they do not hamper speaking and breathing, unlike the other types.

Mouthguards and Splints at DonEast Supreme Dental

#4 Flavoured dental floss selection

DonEast Supreme Dental recommends flossing at least once daily.

To make flossing less tiresome, companies have made dental flosses with very unusual flavours, which can be found online.

Here are some of the available flavours:

  • Coffee and waffle flavour accompany bacon.
  • Flossing becomes a party with cupcake-flavoured floss.
  • Dill pickle. Briny and delicious!
  • A refreshing vegetarian-tasting floss.
  • Add some dressing to your cucumber!

#5 Water Irrigator

While flavoured dental flosses are great for some people, others dislike flossing or lack the flexibility or fine coordination to do it effectively.

If your Mom is one of these people, we have the answer – a water irrigator! Water irrigators are fun, effective, and easier to use than floss.

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