DonEast Supreme Dental Tips for The Perfect Valentines Day Smile Halitosis, more commonly called bad breath, is an ordinary Valentine’s Day concern.

This makes sense, as estimates are that nearly 20% of the population suffers from some sort of chronic bad breath, with many other people suffering from occasional or situational bad breath.

And since Valentine’s Day is the official calendar celebration of love and romance, we are more likely to get close to someone on this day than most other days this year.

And, there is nothing worse when leaning in for a kiss, than being uncertain about your breath or, even worse, become certain about your breath as your loved one shies away from it.

So, to help you in 2019, DonEast Supreme Dental has put together a list of tips that can help your breath stay fresh for romance, out at dinner, and all through the year.

Before Valentine’s Day

There are two easy things you can do at DonEast Supreme Dental to increase your kissability index in the days before Valentine’s Day. First, drop in and get your teeth whitened, and, second, drop in and get your teeth cleaned. Let’s take a look.

Teeth whitening ZOOM in chair treatment. A brilliant white smile is a must for Valentine’s Day! Make your teeth up to eight shades whiter in 60 minutes with professional Zoom!

Whitening that will last for six months to a year depending on your lifestyle/dietary habits. Zoom! Whitening treatment is safe for your teeth and may even improve your dental health when performed by a professional dentist. At the moment, DonEast Supreme Dental is offering a promotion on ZOOM whitening!

More on whitening at DonEast Supreme Dental

Get your teeth cleaned. A teeth cleaning can help eliminate plaque buildup and bad breath. When your teeth have plaque on them, they are at risk for tooth decay.

Plaque buildup is also one of the biggest causes of bad breath because it harbours smelly bacteria. A teeth cleaning can stop both of these problems, make your teeth kissably smooth, and remove unsightly buildup.

Tips For Dinner

A very common Valentine’s Day practice is a romantic dinner. Make sure your dinner goes well by following our advice!

Here are some things to avoid:

Eating smelly foods. Avoid eating garlic, onion, fast foods, soda, ketchup, juices, peppers, and other spicy foods. The odour of these foods is so strong that even teeth-brushing isn’t always able to mask it. If you do eat this kind of food, balance it with crispy, crunchy foods that clean the teeth and promote saliva production.

Avoid too much alcohol. Serving a glass of wine adds a romantic note to any date. But too much drinking sours your breath, which is less than perfect for kissing.

Even worse, over time alcohol dries your mouth out, reducing the amount of saliva produced. This leads to dry mouth, which can cause chronic bad breath.

If you do indulge in a glass of wine, you may be tempted to brush your teeth immediately afterwards. Don’t do this, as brushing too soon after eating/drinking can damage the enamel of your teeth.

Avoid coffee. Don’t drink coffee before your first date. Coffee promotes dry mouth, which causes bad breath.

Avoid smoking. Cigarette smoke also promotes dry mouth and saliva deficiency. Plus the cigarette breath leaves an ashtray taste in the mouth, which your partner may dislike, especially if they are a non-smoker.

Apply flavoured lipgloss. This isn’t going to turn bad breath into the best breath ever, but it will help mask an odour until you get the chance to brush and floss your teeth (again, don’t brush directly after eating).

Wet your whistle. Drink enough water. Drinking water helps keep odour under control by washing away food particles and bacteria, the leading cause of bad breath.

If you have chronic dry mouth, talk to your dentist about recommending an over-the-counter saliva substitute.

Chew on sugarless candy or sugarless gum. Sugarless candy or sugarless gum helps stimulate saliva flow.

Finally, don’t wait until Valentine’s day to be sure that breath is as clean and fresh as it can be. Visit your DonEast Supreme dentist regularly and practice good oral habits at home.

This provides the foundation for good breath. And if your breath does begin to get a little sour, come on in and visit us. We’ll figure out what is causing your bad breath and help you conquer it!

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