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Mouthguards and Splints Dentist Doncaster East Sleep apnoea is a condition that causes a person to have repetitive breathing pauses while sleeping, causing sleep to be disturbed, and leaving the person suffering from it tired or irritable the next day.

Fortunately, this can be treated with mouthguards and splints.


Mouthguards, usually custom-fitted, work by repositioning the tongue or jaw to keep the airway of the throat open. They can be useful to some people with mild or moderate sleep apnoea. Mouthguards adjust the lower jaw and tongue to keep the airway open.

Mouthguards can also protect your teeth from damaging blows during exercise and contact sports. They are common for boxers, though some recreational and competitive athletes also wear mouthguards.


Like mouthguards, these are custom-made devices, usually made of hard dental acrylic, that are placed around the teeth and over the tongue.

The splint holds the lower jaw slightly down and forward and pulls the tongue a bit forward, away from the opening of the airway. Splints are helpful to people who have mild or moderate sleep apnoea.

Splints are also used in stress management. When you are stressed, you unknowingly tend to take it out on your teeth.

You clench your cheek muscles and grind your teeth, placing your jaw joints under heavy pressure, injuring your teeth and jaw joints.

To reverse this, the dentist places a splint between your upper and lower teeth to discourage grinding.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Sleep Apnoea

Among the factors that contribute to sleep apnoea are ones that can be controlled by your lifestyle choices. Following the tips below may help reduce the effects of sleep apnoea.

Maintain a healthy weight. Overweight people are more likely to get sleep apnoea than people who have a healthy weight.

The excess fat and tissue around the neck can put pressure on the airway or tongue, obstructing the airway.

Avoid alcohol or depressants. When a person drinks excessive alcohol or takes depressants, the muscles of the throat tend to relax. This can cause a form of central sleep apnoea.

Quit smoking. Smoking has many harmful effects on your lungs and blood vessels. Quitting smoking will almost immediately make it effortless for a person to breath better.

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We are located near Tunstall Square Shopping Centre and offer on site parking for our patients.

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