Sedation Dentist Doncaster East A number of medications are available to help create calmer, comfortable dental check-ups.

Some drugs control pain, some help you relax, and others put you to deep sleep during your dental treatment.

You and your Doncaster East dentist will discuss several factors when deciding which drugs to use for your treatment.

The type of treatment, your overall health, history of allergies, and your anxiety level are considered in determining which approach is best for your particular case.

To complete some dental procedures safely, your Doncaster East dentist might recommend that your child be administered anaesthesia or sedation to relax them.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients relax during dental treatments. Sedation dentistry is also referred to as “sleep dentistry”.

Patients are usually awake, except for those who undergo general anaesthesia.

The levels of sedation used include:

  • Minimal sedation — the patient is awake but relaxed.
  • Moderate sedation, also called conscious sedation — patient may mumble when speaking and not remember much after the procedure.
  • Deep sedation — the patient is on the edge of consciousness but can still be awakened.
  • General anaesthesia — the patient is completely unconscious.

Types of Sedation

The following types of sedation are used:

Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is used to relax patients during dental procedures.

The patient is conscious while taking laughing gas, and because it’s gas, it wears off very quickly.

When you receive laughing gas, your Doncaster East dentist gives you a nose apparatus through which you breathe the gas.

The effects are mild, and you’ll start to feel the gas quickly, sometimes as soon as 30 seconds after you begin breathing it in.

Some patients relax enough with nitrous oxide and do not require another form of sedation. Other patients need laughing gas on top of oral sedation.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation can range from minimal to moderate depending on the dose given. For minimal sedation, you take a pill. The pill will make you sleepy, although you’ll still be awake.

A bigger dose may be given to produce moderate sedation. This is the type of anaesthesia commonly associated with sedation dentistry.

Some people become groggy enough to fall asleep during the procedure. Usually, they can be awakened with a gentle shake.

Intravenous (IV) Dental Sedation

During intravenous (IV) dental sedation, anti-anxiety and anaesthesia medications are precisely administered into your bloodstream.

Within seconds, you are completely calm and at ease, while being monitored for safety and comfort.

You will also be given a local anaesthetic to ensure your complete comfort during the procedure.

For your safety, you will need to have a responsible adult to drive you to and from your IV sedation appointment and stay with you for the whole day.

You will receive additional instructions during your sedation consultation, and it is important that you follow them all.

Sedation Dentistry at DonEast Supreme Dental

Dental sedation is a great way to conquer anxiety or pain during visits to the dentist.

Don’t put off your next visit because of anxiety; ask your Doncaster East dentist and schedule your next procedure with dental sedation.

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We are located near Tunstall Square Shopping Centre and offer on site parking for our patients.

Easily accessible via public transportation (bus stop within walking distance)