Soft Tissues Injuries in the Mouth

Soft Tissues Injuries in the Mouth Emergency Doncaster East The soft tissues in the mouth are fragile and sensitive, and when they are injured it can be very painful.

Soft tissues, including the tongue, cheeks, gums and lips, can be injured when you accidentally bite down on them, or as the result of an accident.

Chewing on hard objects and using your teeth as tools also can damage soft tissues.

Symptoms of Injuries

The main symptom is persistent, throbbing pain in the affected area. At first, the teeth may be sensitive to heat and heavy bite pressure.

You may develop a fever if you ignore these symptoms. The lymph nodes under the jaw or in the neck may be swollen and can be tender, and you may feel pain in the sinus area.

If the abscess bursts, a sudden rush of foul-smelling and foul-tasting fluid will spill into the mouth.

When injuries happen, DonEast Supreme Dental is your partner in addressing dental emergencies.

We have a same-day emergency appointment to help alleviate your pain quickly and repair any damage!

Common Soft Tissue Injuries

Your mouth is comprised of soft tissues including the gums, lips, tongue, and cheeks. They are so sensitive that even small accidents can injure them.

The following are the common soft tissue injuries:

  • Lacerations
  • Punctures
  • Cuts
  • Tissue flaps
  • Bruises

The following usually cause the above mentioned injuries:

  • Sharp blow to the face
  • Work-related accidents
  • Sports accidents (not wearing mouthguards)
  • Car accidents
  • Biting/chewing on hard or sharp food like bones, tough bread, and candies

What to do

As mentioned above, your soft tissues are very delicate and sensitive. Handling soft tissue injuries should be approached carefully to avoid worsening the injury.

If you have wounds in the soft tissues of your mouth, follow these steps:

  • Remove all foreign materials in your mouth by rinsing. Prepare lukewarm saltwater or antiseptic mouthwash. For the saltwater solution, dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt to eight ounces of lukewarm water. Use this to clean your mouth several times a day.
  •  If there is bleeding, apply pressure on the injured area using clean gauze or any piece of clean, absorbent material. Do this for 10-15 minutes to control the bleeding.
  • If there is swelling, hold covered ice over the injured area. This helps reduce swelling, bleeding, and pain.
  • If the affected area continues to bleed after administering first aid procedures, there might be a serious underlying injury.
  • Go to your Doncaster East dentist immediately.

Treatment at DonEast Supreme Dental

At DonEast Supreme Dental, your dentist will thoroughly examine your injury to determine if any severe damage has taken place.

Your Doncaster East dentist will fix the injured areas and check if they need to be stitched. However, stitches are given only when the bleeding is persistent.

In most cases, to avoid infection, your Doncaster East dentist will only clean the damaged area and make sure there is no foreign matter present.

Dental Emergency Care by your Doncaster East Dentist

DonEast Supreme Dental is your trusted dentist for your dental care needs, including dental emergencies. We provide quick and efficient care so you can be free from pain as soon as possible.

At DonEast Supreme Dental, we take care of your oral health and your smile.

Same day dental emergency appointment guaranteed!

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