Unproven Charcoal-based Tooth Cleaning Pros and Cons Doncaster East In the last few years, a trend focused on using activated charcoal to whiten teeth and clean the mouth has exploded from the Internet, where it began, to the marketplace, where a wide variety of charcoal toothpastes are available.

Everyone desires a stunning, white smile, and this method seems cost-effective and trendy, so what could be wrong?

Well, more than you might think, according to the staff here at DonEast Supreme Dental.

While charcoal-based whitening may seem harmless, it can do damage to your teeth and lead to more serious dental problems.

Charcoal-based teeth whitening – the myth and reality

Fans (and salespeople!) of charcoal toothpaste say that adding ‘activated’ charcoal to toothpaste, purchasing charcoal toothpaste online or over the counter, or applying it directly to teeth, can take away stains and discolouration and even ‘detox’ your mouth.

The theory is that the natural porosity and absorption characteristics of charcoal can somehow “draw out” stains and remove unclean elements from the mouth.

This claim is somewhat bolstered by the fact that in previous eras, many people have used charcoal as a teeth-cleaning agent.

However, in these eras ground up shells and bones were also used to whiten teeth, and as we shall see, the only whitening effects these products have is to grind away the tooth surface.

However, the scientific and dental research (in such reputable publications as the Journal of the American Dental Association), have found no documented evidence that charcoal has any benefits as a teeth whitener.

What seems likely is that even if charcoal-based toothcare may temporarily whiten teeth, it is likely to eventually make teeth appear even more yellow, not whiter, and lead to other dental issues.

This is because charcoal has an extremely abrasive nature. The only way charcoal can “whiten” teeth is by grinding away their surfaces.

While this may have a “whitening” effect, it is also very damaging to teeth. As charcoal toothpaste abrades enamel away, it thins the depth of the enamel, exposing the dentin beneath.

Unfortunately, dentin is naturally yellow coloured, so the only effect this has is to (possibly) remove surface stains that could safely be treated by DonEast Supreme Dental while leaving you with permanently discoloured teeth that are more prone to damage and decay.

With the enamel gone, and the softer dentin exposed, your teeth are also less protected, and your teeth can become sensitive to hot and cold.

Abrasive materials like charcoal are likely to do more harm than good, leaving permanent damage behind.

Worse, studies have shown that charcoal-based toothpaste is extremely unlikely to contain fluoride, with less than 10% of charcoal-based toothpaste containing it.

This is problematic, as fluoride is an excellent tool in protecting your teeth. Fluoride protects against cavities, and ‘remineralises’ enamel, making it an even better defence against decay and discolouration.

Finally, the charcoal may also interfere with some oral medications and cause gum damage due to its particulate and abrasive nature.


If, after all this, charcoal toothpaste appeals to you, be very careful. We recommend using it once a week or less, and not brushing very long.

If you have gum disease or tooth sensitivity, don’t use charcoal based products under any circumstances.

If you use charcoal based toothpaste, keep an eye out for tenderness or swelling, and stop using it immediately!

The good news is that DonEast Supreme Dental has some excellent, safe, quick, and effective techniques for whitening and brightening your stained or discoloured teeth.

Among these techniques are teeth whitening, which bleaches stains away, and veneers, which covers them from view.

We also offer white tooth fillings if your current fillings provide a “flash of dark” in your smile!

DonEast Supreme Dental offers in-office teeth whitening using Zoom! Technology.

With this approach, you visit our office once and using special gel and lights; we can brighten your smile up to 8 shades in just one visit.

You can walk in with dingy, discoloured teeth, and then walk out with a stunning smile!

If you have stained teeth with other cosmetic issues, or stains that cannot be removed, porcelain veneers can be placed over your teeth to permanently cover them with an array of bright, white, shells.

Finally, if you have unsightly fillings, we can usually replace them as well!

Don’t use unproven and potentially dangerous technology like charcoal based dental products; instead, visit us at DonEast Supreme Dental!

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